When one is truly heard, one truly belongs.  The experience of authentic listening is an empowering gift.  Every one of us deserves to share and be heard. I have studied and practiced deep heart-felt listening for many years. I invite you to sit with me and be heard.

Speaking to a person that hears you from a neutral and non-judgmental place can bring forward wisdom and self-trust. We all are masters of our own inquiries to our deepest questions. Most of the time, all it takes to become aware of this mastery is the act of verbally expressing ourselves to another. 

Your listening session is an opportunity to speak on whatever your heart and mind wishes to share. I am open to listening to all your experiences be them sad, joyful, upsetting, or celebratory. 

I will laugh with you, feel with you and reflect back your thoughts. I am your mirror who will be a reflection of a clearer version of you back to you.

"There are times when we just need someone to listen.  No commentary.  No fixing.  No advising.  Through her listening session, Stephanie provides a  loving, non-judgmental space where you can be heard.  This is a wonderful gift to allow yourself.  You might be surprised at how much your heart wants to say! I know that I was."

-Dena Crowder. Strategist, Author, Creator at StarPower @dena.crowder


"Stephanie held a beautiful and loving space for me, as I dived into what was present, which included feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, eagerness, and joy. Throughout all of it, I experienced Stephanie’s unwavering attention and compassion as a safe container—I felt heard, held, and cared for. Stephanie’s grounded and loving presence is a gorgeous gift.”

—Tracy Walker Poff. Spiritual Coach and Consultant


“Stephanie has a natural skill in listening to the deeper message beneath my words, bridging the questions and disconnects, and holding a rooted space for me to come back to my answers and wholeness. Her listening is neutral, loving, gentle and yet challenging because it points me right to the truth.“ 

-Gwen Dittmar. Professional and Spiritual Coach @gwencoach


How it Works:

  • All listening sessions are one on one and completely confidential. Recording devices cannot be used.

  • Sessions are one or two hours only.

  • Please understand this isn’t therapy or coaching. I will not be diagnosing or suggesting any forms of treatment.

  • Although I could listen to you everyday, there must be at least 3 days in between sessions. This allows clients to process their experience and hopefully come to any needed resolution on their own.

  • First time clients will have session in a public venue, such as a park, coffee house, or café.

  • Any in-person session requests outside the City of Los Angeles will incur a small travel fee.

  • If you ask, “what do you think I should do?”, I will gently turn the question back to you. You will not be required to answer back or know the answer. It’s all okay.

  • I'm happy to have a session over the phone, Skype or Facetime.


Ready for someone to listen?

$55 per hour.


Breathwork Meditation


Through the breath, I will guide and support you as you take an alternative route in consciousness. While the ego relaxes, awareness will surface and an authenticity will blanket your well being. Basically, it’s an offer to get loaded on self-love.

It’s a recharge. It’s a spiritual fill up. It’s an opening to the planetary energies.

My intention is to hold the space for you to raise your energetic frequency so that it matches the planet’s frequency. Once the match happens, you can integrate with the Earth in a sustainable and meaningful way. Such is how you would feel under the canopy of the great redwoods, or gazing out across the Grand Canyon.

It’ll be a soulful homecoming. It’s an opportunity to focus on something larger than you as an individual-the spirit. Through the breath, you become aware of the illusions you create to define your life, and what keeps you separate from the natural world.

Breathwork is a direct line to the deep parts of yourself that you’ve been accustomed to hide.  I invite you to let your heart listen to the heart of the collective consciousness, so that you feel included in The Great Turning of our time. 

"Stephanie’s class wasn’t my first experience with Breathwork but it was very unique compared to the others I have taken. She created a safe space to feel what we needed to feel, and had incredible prompts for us to dig a little deeper. I left feeling lighter, more aligned, and in tune with my truest self. I’m eternally grateful for beautiful spirits like Stephanie’s— helping us to find space in our busy modern lives." 

-Haely White. Actress. Content Creator. @haeleywhite. @like_totally 


"Stephanie led my second-ever Breathwork experience, and I was amazed by how much more supported I felt throughout the group session (compared to my first experience, which was at a large studio). She took us on a deep dive into self-love and self-forgiveness, and the visualizations felt very healing and restorative. I was very moved by that journey and I look forward to continued work with Stephanie - can't wait for her to share her wisdom with my friends and loved ones!"

-Jackie Freed. Real Estate Agent.


"Was not sure what to expect going into Stephanie's class, but definitely understand why its called breath "work." As I was going deeper into the process, I was challenged to not only focus on my breathing but also to release any stagnant energy. It was a wave of emotion, and I left feeling a bit lighter. I recommend Stephanie's Breathwork Meditation class to anyone who needs to move energy, or to find ways to be introspective. You will definitely learn a thing or two about yourself every time you do this."

-Alison Dean. Media Personality/T.V. Host. @thealisondean





90 minutes - $150


Our time together will be spent talking about the process of Breathwork Meditation and what your intentions are pertaining to what you would like to get out of it. Then we will move into about 25-30 minutes of active Breathwork The remaining time will be spent grounding yourself, then sharing and processing your experience. Scroll down for more details.




90 minutes - $225


Our time together will be spent talking about the process of Breathwork Meditation and what your intentions are pertaining to what you would like to get out of it. Then we will move into about 30-35 minutes of active Breathwork The remaining time will be spent grounding yourself, then sharing and processing your experience. Scroll down for more details.




120 minutes - $300/hr


Group circle discussion. Sharing intentions and breathing instructions. Then we will move into about 30-35 minutes of active Breathwork. The remaining time will be spent grounding yourselves, then sharing and processing your experience. Scroll down for more details.




  • Bring a yoga mat, blanket, or whatever you find comfortable to lie on.
  • Turn all electronic devices either to airplane mode or power off. If you are expecting an important call and can't turn your phone off, please book another day. You are welcome to turn phones back on once breathwork ends.
  • Wear layers, some people experience a mild change in body temperature.
  • If you'd like you can bring a small pillow.
  • If you'd like to bring water, please do so in a eco-friendly bottle, no plastic bottles allowed in room.
  • Remove shoes before coming into the space. 
  • There will be music playing once breathing begins.
  • You will be breathing while lying on your back.
  • There will be further instructions on how to breathe.
  • Remember, this is your time, your space to call in the light for your highest good.
  • Looking forward to meeting you.


Interested in moving forward?

You are free to book now or contact me with any questions.

Other than special BW tours, I only see clients in Los Angeles and on occasion San Diego requests.


Residential and Business Eco-Conscious Packages

For Los Angeles RESIDENTS and Businesses Only


Please contact me if you are out of the area and would like to arrange a special travel package or phone consultations. 


The Sage 

2 visits      $400 (springtime offer)

First visit: The assessment: Water consumption, energy usage, waste stream, and toxins in the home. 

Second visit:  Going over recommendations and implementation support. Offering sustainable methods, and behavior change support. My coaching inspires and invites clients to prioritize reducing consumption, lowering their water and energy bills, reducing hazardous materials out of their immediate environment, and to engage in their community. 

The Olive

4 visits       $1000

Includes the Sage Plus:  Two additional monthly visits and weekly phone calls to support consistency and eco-integrity.  

The Moss

 6-Month Coaching       $1750

Includes the Olive plus: Two additional monthly home visits to assist with consistency and eco-integrity. And a home or business energy clearing session. 


The Juniper 

6-month Eco-companion  $5,200

Includes the Moss plus: bi-weekly farmer’s market shopping, edible garden consulting and harvesting education. Booking (2) local environmental events and/or workshops for family. Two expo ride excursions around Los Angeles. Eco-friendly product research and procurement.  And composting instruction and support.  


Corporate and Small Business Coaching 

6-month Coaching

Business assessment, recommendations and implementation support. Two lunch and learns for staff, facilities and management. I will offer sustainable business practices, such as reducing resources, educating staff on green practices, and eliminating toxic chemicals from procurement list. And a composting workshop.  ($3000) With monthly Breathwork sessions for staff, an additional ($1800) 


Small group and Large group presentation:

on resource conservation, (i.e. composting in the office or home in the L.A area) 
Waterwise landscaping, soil health and edible garden consultation. ($250)


Interested in Learning More