Our beloved mother Earth is a body that supports the rituals of the human experience. 



And together, we can discover in our inner most selves, a renewed strength, deeper courage, and an instinctual capacity to care for the world.


If you are here with me right now, you have already made a commitment to begin a passage of discovery. So with humility, with self-compassion, and love for our fellow world citizen, let’s dare to take a look at what’s stirring amongst us, from a practical perspective and a spiritual awakeness.

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Deep listening and silence is a gateway to profound discovery. It is also the doorway to revelation of the Self. I hold the space for clients to find their own answers by offering a neutral and loving listening heart.




Through the breath, I will guide and support you as you take an alternative route in consciousness. Awareness will surface and an authenticity will blanket your well being. It’s an offer to get loaded on self-love. 


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We all have a choice everyday to either help or harm other individuals, animals, the ecosystem and ourselves. Come into the awareness that our daily actions can be directly related to how we can continue to be sustained by the planet. 

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