Soul Circle---A Women's Healing Circle with Breathwork
3:30 PM15:30

Soul Circle---A Women's Healing Circle with Breathwork

Eleanor McCoy and Stephanie Leah are trained facilitators in healing and conscious empowerment. As women of color, they understand the challenges all women face. They will usher you along a path of self-acceptance, unconditional loving, self-forgiveness, and deep healing.

Please join the divine feminine collective as we guide you through the unpeeling of the layers of your being. And connect to all that is available on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual path.



Be sure to be punctual. This process is sacred. Coming in after the start time is very disruptive. Please bring yoga mat, a small blanket, small pillow or towel, water, and a beautiful picture of yourself from ages 0-19 yrs. Body temperature can fluctuate during Breathwork so please plan accordingly.

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