Stephanie Leah is an ecosattva: one who expresses a Buddhist response to climate change.

It is her belief that no matter how catastrophic climate change can be, there is an appropriate response, one that calls for wisdom, compassion and responsibility from individuals, communities and corporations.


Her Roots

She has a solid academic foundation and extensive experience in developing and implementing eco-valuable services and solutions that create environmental impact reductions, connect people with the natural environment and their higher selves. Stephanie has earned masters in both Urban Sustainability and Spiritual Psychology. She has learned that integrating her expertise in sustainability with her love for people creates an experience that produces transformational results, which is a valuable and necessary response to climate change. As a mother, her passion is rooted in a deep commitment to be a better steward of the earth. This informs her signature process, which offers clients tools and experiences that identify barriers, and misunderstandings that keep them from being responsible planetary citizens.

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Her Journey

Stephanie has worked in the sustainability field for over 10 years, helping countless Santa Monica and L.A. businesses green their bottom line. She was an adjunct professor at Santa Monica College for two years teaching the Culture of Zero Waste. After understanding that there is a deep spiritual connection to the suffering of the planet, she decided to work with clients on a deeper level. She has trained with the world renowned healer David Elliott in a practice called Pranayama Breathwork meditation. She is presently training in Shamanic Healing practices at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and finishing up her third year of the masters program in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing at the University of Santa Monica. When not working with clients, Stephanie spends most of her time at her urban farm in Santa Monica, as well as her off the grid home in Baja California.